Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fishing GTG this coming Saturday (July 16th)

Okay guys, it's HOT so that means early morning or late evening fishing.
We're going to shoot for early morning this Saturday at Waterloo Lake in
Denison. The plan is to start around 6:30 AM and fish until around 10:30 AM.
But, come when you want and leave when you want is the real deal.

Waterloo is best fished from a yak, canoe, kick-boat, etc. but can be fished from the bank.There are large mouth bass, crappie, sand bass, and various sunfish in the lake.Early in the day poppers and foam creatures work best and as it heats up subsurface flies such as cap spiders, wooly buggers (#10 & 12) in olive and black, etc. are the preferred menu items. 2 to 5 wt rods are perfect.

Hope to see you there!

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